Jess and Tom wanted a wedding festival to show up all wedding festivals, a feat at which they not only succeeded but completely overachieved! I spent a week in Luang Prabang, Laos with Jess and Tom and 30 adventurous loved ones in preparation for the big day and it was a wild and awesome ride.

This fun loving and very easy going couple like to think of themselves as ‘connoisseur destination wedding planners’ and shared their best tips for future reference.

  1. Invite your family somewhere obscure for your wedding. Make out like you’ve grown up and become cultured for a week beforehand. Then your mates arrive.
  2. Book wedding venues no more than 3 days before the wedding.
  3. Send guests to a false ceremony venue to keep them on their toes (a good one is the tuktuk driver’s toilet stop!)
  4. Serve cocktails on arrival to divert attention from the lack of chairs
  5. Ensure you have a couple of locals working as back up photographers (I had quite the competition!)
  6. Hire a celebrant that is in fact your mate. Don’t tell your mum until afterwards.
  7. Use the hotel printer to create marriage certificate with a unicorn on it.
  8. Once married and full of cocktails, place guests in tuktuks for 14.3 minutes until well done. Remove and place in rural location.
  9. Book a modest wedding night next to a rice paddy field.
  10. Take Laotian dance lessons before the wedding - oops, didn’t quite get around to it.

Needless to say this was a raucous affair and I was beyond pleased to be a part of it all. Jess was radiant in her brightly coloured wedding gown, a theme all of the guests took on to create a kaleidoscope of colour amongst the banana palms. Parasols, ornamental gold jewellery, woven amts and scattered flower petals decorated the scene beautifully.
I don’t think anyone stopped smiling for a second, this was a truly joyous celebration, a wild adventure (many on tuktuks) complete with a photo shoot with water buffalo and traditional Laotian dance.
Jess and Tom created a once in a lifetime wedding not just for themselves but for their loved ones who had travelled far and wide. Destination weddings can be exactly the celebration you may be after and I could not be more glad to share in all the fun.
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