Guten Tag / Hello

Those two people to the left, that’s us, the lovebirds behind Blue Robin. We're one part German photographer and one part Australian Blue Robin admin girl.

While Blue Robin has been around for some time, we’re newlyweds ourselves and feel pretty goddamn lucky that we celebrated our first day of marriage in such an incredible celebration surrounded by loved ones. That’s all we could hope for you - that your wedding day is a celebration of you two, your relationship, your lifestyle, your families, your hopes for the future.

We love weddings because each one is unique from the last - our photography style is therefore honest, natural, contemporary and fresh. We like it when couples completely make it their own - we know what it’s like to plan teeny tiny details for months before and then when you see it all shine on the day, your cheeks hurt from smiling. And the bit where you see each other for the first time... it is unforgettable.

Most of all, we want you to be completely comfortable to be yourselves because we think that’s when the most honest, joyous, emotive and brilliant moments happen - we get pretty excited about that!

Michael + Dana


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